MC 11.3: (Water)color me an artist!

Hey friends! This week I had more time to watercolor since I had Good Friday off, and I really enjoyed challenging myself to do some more substantial projects. Watercolor is so relaxing, if you're looking for a new hobby I would definitely recommend it! The first thing I did this last week was watch Jess … Continue reading MC 11.3: (Water)color me an artist!

MC 11.2: Swatches and Succulents

Hi friends! My post this week truly is short and sweet, but I hope you enjoy it! I've had so much going on the past week that unfortunately I haven't had much time for watercolor. But hopefully I can do more over Easter weekend! This week, I tried one of Jess Park's Strathmore classes - Week … Continue reading MC 11.2: Swatches and Succulents